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Upcoming Games

6/13/2015 UBL Playoffs @ 3:00pm and Championship @ 7pm Greenhill School Addison, TX

action2Welcome to the official website for the United Basketball League we believe in promoting community-based, fun and affordable professional basketball. We are committed to making a positive impact on the area as we seek partnership with non-profit and community based organizations to help our families, neighbors, and children in need. As such our goal and mission is to assist the communities and schools attain success. 

Unlike other basketball leagues, the UBL is committed to providing quality entertainment for families. As a professional organization, the UBL also strives to showcase the skills of young athletes throughout the globe. We believe in fostering the maturation of young players to give them the opportunity to play overseas or move up to the NBA.

Get ready for exciting family entertainment!!


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It’s getting hot in here!!

“It’s getting hot in here” The UBL is heating up going into the second month of the conference season.When the Texas Wranglers take on the AR Warriors in Addison Texas both teams are rebounding from a conference loss. Get your tickets early you don’t want to miss it. Click Here to Buy Tickets Online Now!! …

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SEMI-PRO BASKETBALL (UBL) ARKANSAS WARRIORS  VS  ARKANSAS BOBCATS SATURDAY  FEBRUARY 7 , 2015  WRIGHTSVILLE GYM in WRIGHTSVILLE AR @7:00 PM  Pre-season records Warriors 1-1    Bobcats 0-1                                                                                              The United Basketball League 2015 season will open like it ended with two Arkansas teams going against each other this weekend in Little Rock AR. Get there …

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ARKANSAS WARRIORS VS TEXAS WRANGLERS                     DECEMBER 13, 2014 Wranglers Hosted The Arkansas Warriors in a Pre-Season Event called                              Ballin4Christ The Arkansas Warriors ventured into Addison, TX to take on the Texas Wranglers. The Warriors started the game hitting on all cylinders in the first half of the …

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