May 18

Texas Smackdown

May 14, 2016
Texas Smackdown/Addison Texas
The battle between the Arkansas Warriors and the Texas Wranglers continued today at Green Hill High School in Addison, TX. The games started as usual with both teams feeling each other out to see what needed to be done. The Warriors took an early lead and kept it through the first halve with good scoring from Michael Handy and Dustin House. The second half started the same as the first but the Wranglers took an early lead with some timely shooting. The Warriors behind Braylon Spicer stormed back and took the lead for good. The fourth quarter was touch and go with the Warriors maintaining the lead and ultimately won the game by the final score of 105 to 94. The Warriors were led by Spicer with 24 and Handy with 23. Brandon Bell put in some timely baskets and some heads up play with his all-around floor game and defense.
Writer: Felix Eason